Virtual Tour | College Maynooth

Virtual Tour | College Maynooth

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: VIRTUAL TOUR for St Patrick’s College Maynooth
BUSINESS ADDRESS: Maynooth Co. Kildare, Ireland


St Patrick’s College in Maynooth opened as an educational institution in 1795. It is a college and national Ireland seminary often referred to as Maynooth College. Today, as a Pontifical University, the College specialises in the study of theology and philosophy and related areas. Pictures for Google virtual tour have been taken in summer and spring 2013 and 2014. Tour have been updated in 2016. It is one of the biggest Google virtual tour ever published in Ireland with over 70 points of view and 7 floors. Quality of this photos are significantly lower compared to this same tours that are created in 2017. At that moment it was the standard Google tours quality that had to be followed by all Google Trusted Photographers. Online visitors have a chance to not only glimpse into the beautiful college chapel, built in 1891, but also to climb the ladder inside of the 86m tall spire to which public access has never before been granted. After long walk, take a rest under a flowered magnolia tree or effused old weeping willow. Google virtual tour was created on request of contemporary Assistant¬†to the President Dominic McNamara and he was very happy with quality and usability of provided photography service. Behind the scene video was also recorded as the promotional element for this virtual tour.


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Maynooth college chapel google virtual tour


maynooth college corridor google virtual tour


maynooth college magnolia tree google virtual tour













































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